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The Wyola Development Fund Believes...

Through renewed relationships, collective action and efforts of the people–sometimes a few, sometimes through many, Wyola is waking up to its own potential to be a vibrant, healthy community. We have talented people; we need tools, resources and coordination to help everyone experience the power of coming together to do good things.

Our Purpose...

The Wyola Development Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to rebuilding the town of Wyola. The mission of the organization is to facilitate the growth of the town’s infrastructure, commerce and sense of community. 

Our mission is to create opportunities for economic and social growth, while also nurturing the local culture and environment. We are dedicated to helping the town and its people rebuild their infrastructure, commerce, and sense of community. 

We strive to empower the people of Wyola by providing education, resources, and support to residents. Through the help of volunteers and donations, we are able to make a true difference in the lives of the people of Wyola. Join us in our mission to bring hope and progress to the town of Wyola.

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