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Our Work

The Wyola Development Fund is working hard to create a better future for the people of Wyola. We are working to rebuild the broken infrastructure and provide basic needs like food, water, local commerce and medical care. By building strong community partnerships, we are able to create long-term, sustainable projects that will create lasting change in the lives of people in Wyola. We have come a long way, but there is still much work to be done. Join us and be part of the change!


Waste Management Facility

img_20200513_155151 (3).jpg

The Wyola Development Fund has recently worked on numerous projects to improve the local area, such as the clean up of the local dump, which was a safety and health hazard. With the help of community partnerships, donations, and grant funding, the community was able to clean up over 300 tons of trash and create a safe and functioning waste management facility. Read more about these projects and the impact they have had on the local community.


Walking Trail

The Wyola Development Fund is working hard to improve the quality of life in the Wyola community. We have recently begun a project to build a walking path in the area, as Wyola has no sidewalks and no park where children can safely play, exercise or participate in sports.


Neighborhood Track & Arena 


The Wyola community is proud to announce its recent projects, which includes plans for a new neighborhood track for Indian Relay Horse races and equine therapy. This project will not only provide a platform for Crow culture to flourish, but will also create a foundation for income and opportunity for local small business owners, while providing a gathering place for community events and celebrations. Read more about our projects and how you can help!


Home Renovations

There were multiple abandoned buildings in Wyola that the community has pulled together to demolish and clear the lots for future development. Nearly all of the homes in town are in need of renovation and repair. The Wyola Development Fund has begun the huge undertaking of restoring homes, 1 board at a time. There is a great need for volunteer construction workers to teach maintenance skills to community members while doing the renovations. 

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