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Media Publications

Our mission is to work with local businesses and community members to create a vibrant, self-sustaining environment for the people of Wyola.

Our small community has been gaining momemtum in its revitalization and planned development and several media outlets have taken notice!

We invite you to join us in our mission to bring Wyola to its full potential.

Partnership to Plant Trees Along the New Walking Path

The Western Urban & Community Forestry 2023 Publication geared the focus of this publication on resilience and Wyola definitely fits the bill! 

This article shares about the collaboration of the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Urban and Community Forestry program and the Wyola community leaders on a tree planting project along the new walking path. 

Follow the link below for the entire publication. 


"Residents and state officials prepare new walking path by planting native trees" 
The Sheridan Press 6.9.22 

"Wyola community members and Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation officials gathered in a field on the southern end of town to plant more than 50 trees, shading, sustaining and protecting a new walking path in the Crow Reservation town."


Click the link below to read the entire article 

"New Growth in the Land of
the Mighty Few" 

The Sheridan Press 10.23.21

The planned neighborhood track in our small community is a joint effort between local officials, a local community college and a neighborhood ranch. Read the full article below. 

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